SIP Probe

Whether it’s a user, trunk, device, or IP address, our SIP Probe Solution can help you analyze the root-cause of any problem.

In doing so, it will significantly help reduce support and operational costs while increasing the quality of your customer service.

Key Features:

  • Network signaling message capture
  • Easy to use analysis tool with simple GUI
  • Vendor agnostic
  • No provisioning required
  • Call success rate, calls per day, MOS value, and incoming/outgoing call ratio statistical reporting
  • Automatic alias detection with end-to-end call correlation

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce response time on problems
  • Better view of customer experience to boost your service
  • Get post-problem analysis to optimize future performance
  • Easy, intelligent reporting capabilities
  • Save costs on customer care

Stop letting problems affect your service, start improving your performance with SIP Probe.

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SIP Probe will significantly help reduce suport and operational coast while increasing the quality of your customer service.

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