SDV Performance Awareness

That’s why performance awareness and planning is crucial to the smooth operation of any telecom business.

You need to know what’s happening, what could happen, and, if something goes wrong, what you can do about it before it affects your customer.

Our SDV Performance Awareness Solution gives you everything you need to monitor and plan performance on the Cisco SDV Platform:


  • WebUI and intuitive dashboard
  • Near-real time information for operations use
  • Near-real time issue notifications
  • Blockage rates, no bandwidth
  • Service Group configuration issues (low frequencies, mis-provisioned SGs, etc.)
  • Most watched channels
  • SG Bandwidth Utilization Rates
  • SG STB Counts

The big benefits to your business:

  • Proactive trouble-shooting
  • Identify capacity issues and free-up capacity
  • Alerts and notifications to critical issues (including mobile)
  • Useful intelligence for operations, engineers, and other business units
  • Fix any issue in near real-time and plan for long-term optimal performance


Be better prepared with SDV Performance Awareness.

Serving Group Issues (real-time monitoring):
Serving group no bandwidth
  • Serving group configuration issues
  • Too many STBs on serving group
  • SDV lineup not optimized

Invalid serving group

  • Due to segmentation activities

No resource

  • Unable to create sessions on edge devices – EQAMs

Client error

  • STB not able to use SDV service correctly

Program not available

  • Configuration issues with programming

Serving Group with chronic issues related to bandwidth

Serving Group Issues (real-time monitoring):

STBs are not able to use SDV due to “Invalid Serving Group” error as result of segmentation activity.

USRM Configuration Issues (detection and notification):
  • Serving Groups configured with less/more channels than required
  • Disabled channels ( frequencies)
  • Wrong frequencies assigned to channels
  • No mini carousel available
  • Serving Groups with high STB count
USRM Configuration Issues (detection and notification):

Detected Serving Groups with some channels (frequencies) disabled on USRM.

Edge devices (EQAMs):

  • Stale (not streaming) sessions on edge devices
  • Output ports at capacity
  • Input port errors
Stale sessions email notification 


 QAM output port bandwidth spike
Channel viewership statistics ( based on tunes, includes broadcast)


Real-time view of most popular channels


  • No Probes are required
  • Utilizes only one server for entire deployment
  • Simple Web UI interface
  • No licensing limitations
  • Performs USRM Backup


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