Adrenalin VOD Manager

Actionable visibility, insight and intelligence from your SeaChange VOD deployment

Adrenalin VOD Manager for SeaChange Adrenalin redefines operational support analytics and service correction automation for Operators with large-scale VOD service delivery networks. Our Solution delivers out of the box, ready to use Event Management functionality that provides administrators powerful capabilities in addressing performance degradation – before your customers are impacted.


17_04_2016_for dev4life_A4 flyer_Adrenalin VOD Manager_BACK_1• Beautiful and efficient User Interface and support experience to detect service impacts and for managing KPIs and platform topology
• Out-of-the box performance metrics monitoring on more than 85 pre-packaged KPI categories translating into nearly 20,000 individual KPIs for a typical large-scale VOD deployment
• Out-of-the box reports covering most important aspects of the system from operational (short-term) perspective, as well as long-term historical trends
• Unique auto-correction engine provides automatic service restoration to avert customer impacts
• VOD topology auto-discovery within your managed network
• Constant and persistent automation looking for service impacts and performance deviation in near real time by utilizing readily available pre-packaged alerts
• Tracking and visual representation of end-to-end asset lifecycle from ingest to deletion
• Native SeaChange Adrenalin event log collection and sophisticated analytics capabilities
• Standard MIB based SNMP polling of all Adrenalin nodes and Video Servers
• User customizable reports and dashboards for network operations staff
• Powerful and secure mobile application for remote management and service intelligence

Scalable Real-Time Approach
Adrenalin VOD Manager provides a unique, scalable real-time approach in utilizing the extreme amounts of diagnostic data and native KPI’s within SeaChange Adrenalin platform which enables Operators to move into true Service Correction Automation and ensure their organization evolves from traditional reactive alarm management on their VOD deployments.

Service Quality DifferentiationOur product delivers efficiency improvements, operational excellence in doing more high value service experience management work while allowing service quality differentiation for the Operator on their VOD service.

Provides Actionable Visibility
VOD Manager provides actionable visibility, insight and intelligence from your SeaChange VOD deployment. You will be able to proactively prevent outages, pinpoint and resolve current problems rapidly, drive maintenance activities to make sure your deployment is in optimal state.



Increased VOD Revenue
Dramatically reduce downtime of revenue generating service and increase availability to reclaim lost revenue. Reductions in session error rates of more than 50% are commonly achieved by our customers who can translate this into 1-3% increase in revenue.

Reduce Escalating Operating Costs
Shifting operational support resources from reactive firefighting to true service performance management and proactive maintenance is finally possible.

Aggressively Address Customer Churn
Stability of service defines in large part a customer’s satisfaction with the operator and is the foundation of avoidable churn based on the quality of the VOD experience.

Empower Your Business
Value creation on analytics through superior VOD quality of experience intelligence; empower and enable improvements on VOD revenue metrics for executives, sales, marketing, planning – and understand what your customers are experiencing in near real-time.

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