Channel Lineups Manager

Are you looking to “line up” your lineup data?Instead of multiple files, spreadsheets, and databases wouldn’t it be nice to manage all your lineup data in a single interface? Now you can, with our Channel Lineups Manager.

Our solution will help you view, document, track, store, and access multiple channel lineups, channels and devices through a single web interface.

The best part? There is no manual set-up – everything is fully automated. Our solution integrates with most popular STB/IPTV controllers that include:

  • Cisco EC (formerly DNCS)
  • Arris DAC (formerly Motorola DAC)
  • Ericsson MSMW
  • IPTV Presentation Servers
  • Other IP-delivered television service controllers

With our Channel Lineups Manager solution, everything you want will be right at your fingertips, including:

  • Disaster Recovery information
  • Controller and Provisioning information
  • Source Equipment
  • Multicast IPs
  • Transport streams
  • Edge QAM or Edge Streamer
  • Service Type (for non-IPTV solutions – SDV, HD, OnDemand, etc.)
  • Service Format (for IPTV solutions – HLS, ISM, DASH, etc.)
  • Service Information (encryption, format, manifest URL and composition, etc.)
  • Packaging info
  • Edge Device status
  • Alarms and Performance information

Everything is simple to see and easy to understand so you can manage your lineup data faster and more efficiently.


  • Drastically speeds up troubleshooting in outage situations
  • Provides a platform to streamline business processes
  • Aids in planning activities
  • Provides means to perform change verification checks
  • Up to date hardware inventory, simplifies hardware lifecycle process


Detailed Specifications

Automatic Channel Lineups Data Acquisition

  • Automated import of Channel Lineups (EC, DAC, ROVI, Ericsson MSMW, Presentation Servers, Custom Databases, etc.)
  • Automatic import of supplemental source related data from most content processing equipment including: Ericsson 4K Encoder, Elemental Encoder, Cisco DCM Transcoder, Imagine JITP Packagers, ProStream/Electra Encoders (NMX), DM6400, CAP-100, MMC, SEP48, SEM, CV1100, Imagine VMG, and many more.
  • Automatic import of supplemental encryption related data from most encryption equipment including: NE2500, Netcrypt, Verimatrix, and others.
  • Automatic import of supplemental packaging related data from most common packaging devices including Imagine JITP Packagers.
  • Automatic import of supplemental SDV related data from most SDV controllers including: Cisco USRM, BigBand SDV, etc.
  • Automatic license, capacity, software version, chassis information, etc. collection across aforementioned equipment.


  • Drastically speeds up troubleshooting in outage situations.
  • Ensures only up-to-date and correct information is displayed by collecting on-demand configuration information.
  • Keeps track of channel disaster recovery information with ability to automatically locate alternative source feeds.


  • Reports to aid in capacity planning, spectrum analysis, bandwidth usage, disaster recovery status.
  • Hardware inventory report.
  • Encoding/transcoding/packaging/processing license utilization report.
  • Custom reports can be developed upon request.

Mobile Application

  • Mobile application for iOS, Android and BlackBerry that enables easy on the go access to most channel lineup information for field/service technicians and other support staff.


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Our solution will help you document, track, store and access multiple channel lineups, channels and devices through a single web interface

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